Congratulations to U20 Girls - Gold Medal at Provincials

Congratulations to our U20 Female's on winning Gold in the All NL Female U20 D held in Deer Lake March 27-29, 2015. They beat Twin Towns 3-2 in the championship game in Overtime with 7.9 seconds left on the clock! All players left their heart and soul on the ice and played outstanding in every game. Player of the game awards went to Mallory Hicks, Meghan Whalen, Olivia Henley, and Sophie Bennett. Way to go girls, awesome job!! On a special note missing from the championship game was Erin Morgan (injured), Meghan Whalen (sick) and Charlotte Elliott who suffered a yearlong injury.

Row 1: Samantha Hann, Row 2: Alysha Trask, Julianna Deveau, Mallory Hicks, Sarah Barker, Taylor Bennett, Olivia Henley, Megan Gabriel, Row 3: Assistant Coach Kevin Deveau, Manager Sherri McNeil, Jaime McNeil Lamswood, Keisha Sheppard, Erin Morgan, Hillary Canning, Emily Hulan, Sophie Bennett, Brittany Hall, Trainer Colleen Gabriel, Head Coach Brian Roberts. Missing from photo Meghan Whalen, Charlotte Elliott.

Congratulations to U15 Girls - Gold Medal at Provincials

Congratulations to our U15 Female's on winning Gold in Division B at the All NL U15 Female Mega held in Grand Falls-Windsor March 27-29, 2015. They beat Deer Lake in the championship game, 3-0. All players put in a tremendous effort with player of the game awards going to Hannah Gillam, Julie Pink, Becky, Reid, Jillian Fleming, Madison Marche and Amie White. Way to go girls, awesome Job!

Row 1: Madison March, Row 2: Abby Hulan, Isabelle Gignac-Butt, Madison Doman, Row 3: Rykita Twine, Shawna Biles, Abby Bessey, Sarah McNeil Lamswood, Amie White, Julie Pink, Becky Reid, Hannah Gillam, Jessica Howlett, Jillian Fleming. Missing From Photo Head Coach Scott Lamswood, Asst. Coach Greg Reid, manager Heather Noseworthy.

Congratulations to U12 Girls - Gold Medal at Provincials

Congratulations to the U12 Female Team on winning Gold in Division A at the All NL U12 Female Mega held in Harbour Grace/Whitbourne (March 20-22, 2015).

On day 1, Stephenville defeated the Ceebee's (11-1) as well as Marystown (10-0). As a result, Stephenville was ranked #1 in Division A (with Mt. Pearl, CBR and Gander/Glovertown). Twenty teams attended the tournament.

On Saturday, Stephenville played two games. Game 1 was with Mt. Pearl in which Stephenville won 7-1. Game 2 was with CBR; once again, Stephenville dominated with a score of 7-0. The final round robin game took place on Sunday morning in which Stephenville defeated Gander/Glovertown (2-1).

The championship game for Division A was held on Sunday afternoon with Stephenville winning over Gander/Glovertown (9-0).

Row 1: Danielle Duffy, Grace Furlong, Kaleigh Strickland. Row 2: Barb Elliott, Trent White, Katie White, Samantha Trask, Gia Caul, Cathy Morgan, Shane Elliott, Carmen Elliott, Kendly Hickey, Paul Hoskins, Abbi House, Abby Morgan, Raleigh Bennett, Taylor White, Emma Butler. Missing from photo: Kaitlyn Gaudon


The SMHA Executive and Stan would like to thank everyone who stepped up to volunteer in the canteen recently. We have seen some new faces and the extra help is greatly appreciated. We hope to continue to see good volunteer numbers going forward.

Thank you,
SMHA Executive


Stephenville Minor Hockey is soliciting volunteers for the canteen.

The canteen is a major fundraiser for SMHA and is run solely on a volunteer basis. Revenues from the canteen are used to lower the cost of registration for everyone. Without the canteen, registration fees would be a minimum of $100 per player higher than the current fees. However, we currently see the same people who are volunteering on a week to week basis. Some of these volunteers are coaches, directors, and even executive members, who are already volunteering much of their time to SMHA.

Last evening the Canteen was late opening due to a lack of volunteers. Unless we get more volunteers, there may be additional times when the canteen will be closed during the Minor Hockey Schedule.

We all enjoy our coffees and poutines so we are asking for new volunteers to help ensure the canteen stays open. Please give 1 to 2 hours of your time. If everyone is willing to do that we can keep registration costs down and keep everyone fed at the same time.

To sign up, please visit the canteen and add your name to the sign-up sheet.

Thank you,
SMHA Executive

Dressing Room Assignments/Dedicated Female Dressing Room

Stephenville Minor Hockey Association would like to inform players and parents that going forward there will be assigned dressing rooms for each time slot on the schedule. Players and parents are asked to strictly adhere to the schedule, and dress only in the rooms assigned. Any player found dressing in an unassigned room will have his gear moved. Please refer to the schedule to see the rooms assigned to each time slot.

Dedicated Female Dressing Room- # 6

Starting with next weeks schedule all female players must dress in the dedicated female dressing room. Stephenville Minor Hockey has secured the use of dressing room number 6 as the dedicated female dressing room during minor hockey hours.

No Males of any age are permitted to enter the female dressing room for any reason with the exception of a Male coach. Male coaches will be permitted access to the dressing room prior to practices and games and after games if accompanied by a female coach, female director, or in the absence of the first two options, a female parent.
If a female player wants her skates tied by a male, she will have to leave the dressing room. We will try to ensure there is a chair outside the room during minor hockey hours.

This rule will be strictly enforced.

Announcement for Female Players & Parents

Stephenville Minor Hockey Association would like to inform the female players and parents that for the 2014 - 15 season the three divisions; U12, U15 and U20 will operate as follows:

For both practices and local house league only the U15 Bantam age girls will practice and play house league with the U20 group and the U15 Pee Wee age girls with be joined by the U12 group for their practices and house league games.

In the new year and closer to the female provincial tournaments there will be practice times for each division with their own group only.

We feel that this provides the female players with the ice time they need to develop and improve their hockey skills. There will still be a coach for each group and at times they will probably all be working together with each group. This format also lets us make sure that the female group gets the proper ice time allocation similar to the other groups.

Parents - Respect in sport

The Respect in Sport Parent Program is an effective and informative online training program for parents of active children. This unique certification program complements Respect in Sport for Coaches/Activity Leaders by reinforcing a parents role in a child or youth’s activities, encouraging positive sport behaviors, and providing insight into the various roles other individuals (such as coaches and officials) play. This program empowers parents to ensure the safety of their children, encourage positive and effective communication, and to enhance a child’s fun and camaraderie of the activity. The program is mandatory for parents of first year players in Hockey NL beginning the 2012-2013 season and will be mandatory for all parents in 2014-2015.

Visit this page to register and complete the Respect in Sport Program online.


Stephenville Minor Hockey would like to congratulate Becky Reid and Julie Pink on their selection to the Provincial Under 15 Female Team with Hockey Newfoundland. Becky & Julie took part in the Atlantic Challenge Cup and earned a bronze medal. Great job girls!


Stephenville Minor Hockey would like to congratulate George Young on being selected for the Western Kings Major Midget Team


Stephenville Minor Hockey would like to congratulate Carmen Elliott on being selected for the Atlantic Female Training Institute 2015 Spring Team (operated through Andrews Hockey; Charlottetown, PEI).

Stephenville Minor Hockey would like to congratulate the following players for being selected for AAA teams at their respective levels

Ryan Reid - Peewee
Clay King - Peewee
Ryan McNeil-Lamswood - Bantam
Brady Marche - Bantam
Nicholas Butt - Bantam (Alternate)
Tristan Hynes - Bantam (Alternate)


Registration for Stephenville Minor Hockey is still ongoing. Please visit the canteen at the Dome if you have not yet registered.

Accepted forms of payment will be Cash, Cheque or Credit Card (new).

SMHA RATES FOR 2014/2015

Due to an increase in the cost of ice time, the new rates for Minor Hockey are as follows:

  • New Player - $200
  • Returning Player $400
  • Female Divisions $400*

*Note: If a Female player joins both a mixed division and a female only division, the cost for registration is $600 ($400 for mixed + $200 extra for female).

SMHA Executive

NEW SMHA AAA Policy - REVISED October 6, 2014

Due to an increased travel and practice schedule for AAA teams, Stephenville Minor Hockey has introduced the following policy regarding players who are selected to a AAA team

Any player selected to a AAA team can:

  • practice and play with their house league team

Any player selected to a AAA team cannot:

  • Represent Stephenville at a Provincial Tournament UNLESS there is an available roster spot on the Stephenville A team. A roster spot is only available if a team does not have a full roster. Under no circumstances can a AAA player displace any player who is already on the A team roster.
  • Represent Stephenville at a Provincial Tournament on a B team. Hockey NL will not approve any B team roster that contains a AAA player

SMHA Executive


Introducing your new SMHA Executive for the 2014/15 Season.

  • Ken Mills - President
  • Stephen Shea - Vice President
  • Barb Elliot - Communications/PR
  • Chris Gaudon - Treasurer
  • Sherri McNeil- Registrar
  • Lisa Henley - Secretary